Advisor: our e-detailing app that facilitates interactions

One of our best projects is Advisor: a technological solution that allows the centralized management of the digital material (flyers, visuals, videos etc) dedicated to corporate marketing. Specifically, it is an e-detailing system that gives support to sales forces keeping organized all materials per trimester and per year. Furthermore it is possible to include all […]

The challenge of Media Engineering with Augmented Reality

It possible to use augmented reality (or AR) through simple, light and wearable devices with sensors and GPS, like a tablet, for example. If you frame any marker – as a QR code or an AR tag – with your device’s video camera, you will receive some information in the form of numbers, texts and […]

Longevity Run 2019: the health marathon triples itself

After the success of its first edition, Longevity Run, an event organized by the doctors of Policlinico Gemelli and the reserchers from Università Cattolica, triples itself: this year the meeting dedicated to prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion will take place in three different places on three different dates. The healty runners will meet in Rome […]

Sailing Trophy 2019

Here we go! The thirteenth edition of the Sailing Trophy in which we sponsorized one of the three boats in the race with Bloom and BCD Travel aMaDEUS. The event – held in the magnificent setting of the Argentario- was attendend by friends, partners and clients. Work is not all about profit: it is made […]

The challenge of 3D communication: our partnership with Hypervsn

Innovations always fascinates us for both social and scientific progress and above all for the genius of new discoveries – of which it is the inspiration – as well. Innovation is the factor we have chosen as base of our corporate culture and on account of this, a partnership between Media Engineering and Hypervsn is […]

Media Engineering HYPERVSN exhibitor at the Forum Retail 2019

We are pleased to announce our participation as HYPERVSN Italy exhibitor in the Forum Retail 2019 dedicated to retail sector and organized by IKN Italy, leader in creating events and training project for professionals. The location of the event will be the Superstudio Più Milano,“a modern multilocation; here will take place discussions and networking moments about the future of customer […]

Media Engineering for the “Vincenzo Dona Award”

Holographic Advertising in 3D but not only that. Friday 29 November 2019, we used our Hypervsn Tools to promote the thirtheenth edition of the Vincenzo Dona Award at the Argentina Theatre in Rome. We were technical partners of the event that was organized by the National Consumers Union, linked to the sales format and payment […]