Virtualization of event: the new Media Engineering proposal post health emergency

We can call it “Webinar Revolution” the one we experienced during 2020, a year that can be defined as: “year of change”.

The needs born in the face of the changes that the spread of the pandemic has brought,
have pushed Media Engineering not to give up. On the contrary, the company has chosen to concentrate even more on studying solutions to the problems encountered by companies.

One of the difficulties most highlighted during the lock down was related to the events.
Large-scale events, with participants from various parts of the world, now hampered by the health emergency.

For this reason Media Engineering has studied and identified the appropriate way to
transfer the event online, a virtual event managed and organized by us to ensure its success.

Let’s define it as “event virtualization” made possible by new technologies
that allow people to communicate and meet each other in an interactive way.

One of our most recent successes inherent to this service, was the course “1 MILLION
EURO HABITS” by the well-known American trainer Micheal Tracy, promoted by the Hi-Performance training company.


We took care of the organization and management of the streaming connections between the United States and Italy, avoiding any problem related to the lack of user convenience, with remote access and ensuring the success of the event.

The streaming events and training is a service whose demand is growing and already several companies have requested it: one of the many is the well-known pharmaceutical company Alfasigma as well as the Foundation of the Notariato.


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