The challenge of 3D communication: our partnership with Hypervsn

Innovations always fascinates us for both social and scientific progress and above all for the genius of new discoveries – of which it is the inspiration – as well. Innovation is the factor we have chosen as base of our corporate culture and on account of this, a partnership between Media Engineering and Hypervsn is born. Hypervsn is a leader and a pioneer in creating holograms we met in Las Vegas at CES 2019.

What links these two organizations? Innovation, again. 
In particular a new way of advertising: 3D communication.
In fact, Media Engineering aims to use Hypervsn’s advanced technology to advertise and make visual communication in stores, exhibitions and events through the projection of 3D holographic contents.


Our Hypervsn device – called kinomo – has a 880 pixel resolution with 16 million colors and it can cast 30 frames per second; its display is visible through glass and in conditions of hugh temperature and hugh brightness. In every led there is a microprocessor which allows to program and illuminate them: in this way the blades, through high speed revolution, disappear from view and in their place appear images, giving the impression that the 3D object is fluctuating in midair.

Stay tuned to discover pur new projects; in the meantime, you can see
how wonderful these devices are clicking on the following links.



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