Longevity Run 2019: the health marathon triples itself

After the success of its first edition, Longevity Run, an event organized by the doctors of Policlinico Gemelli and the reserchers from Università Cattolica, triples itself: this year the meeting dedicated to prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion will take place in three different places on three different dates.

The healty runners will meet in Rome on the 10th of May, in Piozzano (PC) on the 26th of May and eventually in Madonna di Campiglio (TN) on the 3rd of August.

Longevity Run 2019 will follow the same path of its previous edition, therefore all participants will have the possibility to benefit from a free check up that will examine lifestyles, body mass indexes, blood pressure, cholesterol, glycaemia, muscol mass and strenght and respiratory function.

At the end all runners will be able to take their medical report and then to take part to the sporting event that will consist in fitness, running and spinning. Moreover, there will be a “health village”: a space dedicated to various themed stands. There will be also the SPRINTT group and some famous guests.

Find out more on the official website www.longevityrun.it: here you will able to reserve your check up ant the official t-shirt.



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