In an ever-changing world the current global pandemic has put a strain on test the global economy and the survival of many companies. Some have faced the crisis and the resulting change, redefining models and adopting a sudden reorganization of work processes, now focused on greater digitization.

Many companies, in fact, have rediscovered or discovered for the first time, the importance of digital as an indispensable support for business processes. We at Media Engineering, a company with twenty years of experience in technology and innovation, have faced the period of crisis as a challenge, focusing on training and innovation. We have made available our know-how looking for simple and effective solutions to propose to the major companies difficulty.

For this reason Media Engineering has been considered “leading actress … in the restart of the country’s economy” (PublimediaGroup, “High technology at the service of the restart”, Il Sole 24 Ore, Innovation and Territory, September 25, 2020, p.32).

In this period new projects and new services have been introduced in the range of corporate offers, among them online events. What we do is to guarantee to companies the realization of events that are not possible to date live; we have therefore thought to show all our customers an alternative way to virtualize the event, making the meeting possible while remaining at a distance.

In particular, as far as this new service is concerned, we take care of organizing and managing the event, directing it and defining graphic presentation lines to ensure its success, inserting tools for direct interaction with the public such as survey or real-time game.

We have also dedicated ourselves to the catering sector for which we have developed two new apps, “Ristoqui” and “TuoLido”, the first aimed at restaurants and the second at bathing establishments, with the primary aim of facilitating their entry into the digital world and improving their positioning.

Two portals designed to help entrepreneurs in this sector to enter the digital world, thanks to a portal and an app to download to their customers. The aim is to speed up and automate internal processes, reducing queues on the premises and optimizing timing and customer loyalty.

Media Engineering is therefore today, as twenty years ago, “Innovation, training, enhancement of human resources with a lucid vision and a great passion for technology” (PublimediaGroup, “High technology at the service of the restart”, Il Sole 24 Ore, Innovation and Territory, 25 September 2020, p.32).

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