Holographic Advertising in 3D but not only that.

Friday 29 November 2019, we used our Hypervsn Tools to promote the thirtheenth edition of the Vincenzo Dona Award at the Argentina Theatre in Rome.

We were technical partners of the event that was organized by the National Consumers Union, linked to the sales format and payment instruments’ evolution.

Our technology is not only dedicated to commercials and promotional activities but it can also be used for events and conferences. This is possible thanks to its big visual and communication potentials.

Our installations, symbol of a new form of retail and advertising, were present on site to promote the event in an original way, enlivening the atmosphere with dynamics holograms screened and created specially for the event.

The editorial staff of Sky TG24 was also present at the “Vincenzo Dona Award ” 2019; at the following link you can view their dedicated service: shorturl.at/ntKPR

For more info about the event: https://bit.ly/2RgfQJ1

For more info about Hypervsn Tools: https://bit.ly/3628TQc

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