Technology. Communication. Knowledge

Three words that describe our corporate identity.

  • Tecnology
  • Comunication
  • Knowledge


In our case, the word conveys: devices, software, hardware and programming languages.

Technology is our passion. We love studying and experimenting with it, we love following its development and above all understanding its various applications.

Technology is also a tool and it is also very often the end-result of our work.


First of all, it reflects our original role as an agency and therefore encompasses a series of competencies and services.

We see communication as an essential part of our in-house relations and also as fundamental in tackling our projects and in taking care of our clients.

Everything depends on good communication and this is what has always enabled us to manage critical situations and share our successes



This word represents our know-how above all, but it is also about our search for inspiration and our curiosity for “the latest thing”.

Knowledge also informs our approach, which is deeply rooted in our work as consultants. It describes our own experience and our desire to find out more about the worlds of our (real and potential) clients.

Obviously, the word “knowledge” also represents the starting point for our work in the field of e-learning over the past 20 years.

sapere conoscienza

HYPERVSN: the future of advertising is 3D

Draw the attention of your clients with out technology: build very successful promotional campaigns.

Designed to create an immersive experience, HYPERVSN is an innovative solution to draw consumers: it is a LED technology that allows you to project 3D videos and fluctuating images.

This effect is created by the LEDs in the device, called Kinomo: in all of them there is a microprocessor that allows to program and light up them; in this way, blades disappear from view through high-speed rotation letting images appear with the impression that the object is fluttering in midair. Furthermore this process is energy-saving.

The new generation of advertisement and 3D communication.

Holograms leave an indelible memory in the spectator’s mind and create a great effect. Show 3D images up to 56 cm with our HYPERVSN device.


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Breaking News

What’s new about our products, events and technolgies

The perfect blend

Our main competencies.
You can benefit from one of them, but you can even combine them with each other to form a perfect mix that helps give shape to your projects.

We delevop apps for IOS and Android as well as software and web applications. We work with modern and rapid technologies that are both reliable and flexible and very easy to use.

web design development

We create scalable websites. They are nice, easy to use and also work well on all supports. We have an in-depth knowledge of the main CMS and e-Commerce systems available on the market.


We handle graphic design projects for both traditional and digital media. We shape messages and ideas with ink and pixels in order to transfer them onto paper and screen.


We prepare courses, learning itineraries and Learning Management Systems with a close attention to contents, approaches, personalization and engagement of students.

video editing making

We produce videos and animated infographics on communication, training and promotion. We handle direct and on-demand distribution across all platforms.

We experiment with technologies and tools that can transform messages and information into first-person experiences: Augmented Reality, VR and gamification mechanisms.

Our approach

We offer the personalized and scaleable solutions that our clients are looking for.
This translates into a strongly consultative and collaborative approach that yields one-off, bespoke products.



We talk and we listen in order to understand exactly what we are required to do and then we start proposing solutions.



We look for effective and creative solutions without losing sight of the guidelines agreed with the client.



We deploy our professional expertise to produce impeccable, modern and functional products.



We prefer to talk of “sharing”. This is the moment of the final presentation, when we get feedback.

Our Clients

We worked and we are currently working with many national and international partners over the years.
Here is a selection of our client portfolio:

Where we are

Our addresses in Rome and Milan
and all our contacts for you to get in touch with us as quickly and easily as possible.

Head quarter

Via Nizza 59, 00198, Roma, Italy
T. 06.41735436
F. +39 06.41468012

Milan office

Via San Martino, 11, 20122, Milan, Italy


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